The Most Popular Chocolate Festivals and Museums in the World

Throughout the year, chocolate lovers unite at various festivals and events around the world to celebrate the delectable cocoa bean in all its forms. From luscious truffles to smooth, artisanal bars, these gatherings offer a heavenly experience for food lovers, chocolatiers, and enthusiasts alike. In this comprehensive guide, we present the Top Chocolate Festivals and Museums Worldwide that are sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you with delightful memories.

Chocolate Festivals


1. Salon du Chocolat – Paris Porte de Versailles, France

Salon du Chocolat, held in the City of Love, Paris, is a grand affair celebrating everything chocolate. This prestigious event showcases exquisite chocolate creations from renowned chocolatiers, artisans, and pastry chefs. The festival offers visitors the chance to learn about the chocolate-making process, attend live demonstrations, and even participate in workshops. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, Salon du Chocolat is a must-visit event for anyone passionate about the divine cacao.

While Paris remains the flagship, where famous chocolatiers unveil their mouthwatering creations, this chocoholic phenomenon knows no bounds. In cities like Lyon, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Dubai, the Salon du Chocolat has found a second home, each infusing its unique charm into this global celebration of chocolate artistry and culture. It’s a delicious journey that unites people across the globe in their love for chocolate.

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 2. Eurochocolate – Perugia, Italy

Eurochocolate, nestled in the picturesque town of Perugia, is a tantalizing celebration of all things chocolate. With over 100 booths, this ten-day event offers to explore and enjoy a wide variety of chocolate products. From traditional Italian chocolate to innovative cocoa-inspired creations., you’ll find something to satisfy every craving. As you stroll through the cobblestone streets, the intoxicating aroma of chocolate fills the air, enticing you to explore every corner of this sweet paradise.

Fees: Entrance is free, but additional costs may apply for tastings and workshops.

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 3. Salon du Chocolat – New York City, USA

The Salon du Chocolat, which originated in Paris, has now graced the vibrant city of New York with its presence. This transatlantic event brings together top chocolatiers and pastry chefs from around the world. The festival offers visitors a chance to taste exquisite chocolates, attend interactive exhibits, and even witness chocolate fashion shows, where models strut down the runway adorned in chocolate-inspired couture. The New York edition of Salon du Chocolat is a true celebration of art, fashion, and, of course, the finest chocolate.

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 4. Chocoa Festival – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, known for its artistic heritage, hosts the Chocoa Festival, a 1-week event that focuses on sustainable and ethically sourced chocolate. The festival not only allows visitors to taste delightful treats but also educates them about the social and environmental impact of the chocolate industry. Through workshops and seminars, attendees can gain insights into the challenges faced by cocoa farmers and learn about the efforts being made to promote fair trade practices.

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 5. Salon du Chocolat – Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, a city renowned for its love of culinary delights, hosts the Salon du Chocolat, offering an immersive chocolate experience like no other. This event showcases a fusion of traditional Japanese flavors with the elegance of chocolate, resulting in unique and innovative creations. From matcha-infused truffles to sake-spiked pralines, visitors are treated to an exquisite blend of cultures in every bite.

 6. Northwest Chocolate Festival – Seattle, USA

Seattle’s Northwest Chocolate Festival is a haven for chocolate enthusiasts who seek organic and sustainable products. The festival hosts a diverse array of exhibitors from all over the world, ranging from small-scale bean-to-bar chocolate makers to larger established brands. Attendees can delve into the complex flavors of single-origin chocolates, attend educational seminars, and witness live demonstrations by expert chocolatiers.

 7. Salon du Chocolat – Brussels, Belgium

Salon du Chocolat Dubai is an event dedicated to chocolate and pastry enthusiasts. The beloved event unites professionals, chocolatiers, authors, and chefs for workshops, tastings, and shopping. Anticipating 60 exhibitors and 30 pastry chefs, this three-day event at Dubai’s iconic Galeries Lafayette promises to delight thousands of chocolate lovers.

 8. Big Island Chocolate Festival – Hawaii, USA

Nestled in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, the Big Island Chocolate Festival celebrates the unique flavors of Hawaiian cacao. This two-day event brings together local chocolatiers, chefs, and farmers, who collaborate to present a wide variety of chocolate-infused dishes. From savory cocoa-rubbed meats to luscious chocolate desserts, the festival showcases the versatility of chocolate in Hawaiian cuisine.

 9. Grenada Chocolate Fest – St. George’s, Grenada

Grenada, known as the “Spice Isle,” offers the perfect setting for the Grenada Chocolate Festival, where attendees can indulge in the finest organic and ethically sourced chocolate. The event not only highlights the delicious treats but also delves into the social and economic impact of the cocoa industry in the region. Attendees can participate in chocolate-themed tours, workshops, chocolate yoga meditation, and even visit local cocoa farms.

 10. San Francisco International Chocolate Salon – San Francisco, USA

The San Francisco International Chocolate Salon is a delectable haven for chocolate aficionados, annually transforming the city into a cocoa paradise. Showcasing an array of artisan and premium chocolates, the event offers an immersive experience where attendees can indulge in tastings, witness chocolate-making demonstrations, and engage with renowned chocolatiers. The salon provides a unique opportunity to explore diverse flavors and textures, from classic truffles to innovative creations. Beyond the delightful tastings, it serves as a platform for chocolate enthusiasts to discover emerging trends and gain insights into the evolving world of fine chocolate. A visit promises a sumptuous journey into the heart of chocolate craftsmanship and creativity.

 11. Chocolate Rush festival – Melbourne, Australia

The Chocolate Rush Festival in Melbourne, Australia, is a delectable celebration that beckons chocolate lovers from around the globe. Nestled in the heart of the city, this indulgent event transforms Melbourne into a cocoa paradise, featuring artisanal chocolatiers, immersive tastings, and chocolate-inspired artistry. With a diverse array of chocolate-infused delicacies and interactive exhibits, the festival offers a sweet escape for all ages. From rich truffles to innovative cocoa concoctions, the Chocolate Rush Festival showcases the finest in the world of chocolate. It’s a delightful opportunity to savor, learn, and experience the magic of this beloved treat in a vibrant and festive atmosphere.

 12. Chocolate Festival – Tabasco, Mexico

Mexican cocoa and chocolate are celebrated for their unique flavors, stemming from indigenous cacao varieties. Renowned for its rich texture and hint of spice, Mexican chocolate captivates gourmets from all over the world. The country’s centuries-old tradition of chocolate-making, coupled with its distinctive terroir, contributes to its global acclaim.

Indulge your senses at Mexico’s enchanting Chocolate Festival, a delectable celebration of cacao delights. Nestled in the heart of this vibrant country, the festival showcases the rich tapestry of Mexican chocolate culture, blending ancient traditions with modern flair. From velvety mole sauces to exquisite artisanal chocolates, the event tantalizes taste buds with diverse flavors and textures. Immerse yourself in chocolate-making workshops, where skilled artisans unveil the secrets of their craft. Beyond the delectable treats, the festival unveils the cultural significance of cacao in Mexican history. With its warm ambiance and immersive experiences, the Chocolate Festival in Mexico promises a sweet journey through time and taste.

 13. ChocolART – Tübingen, Germany

ChocolART, held in the charming town of Tübingen, is Germany’s largest chocolate festival. This event invites visitors to indulge in a variety of chocolate creations, from classic truffles to innovative chocolate-infused dishes. Attendees can take part in chocolate tastings and baking workshops and explore the fascinating history of cocoa in Germany.

Fees: Entrance is free, but there may be costs associated with specific events and activities.

 14. Zurich Chocolate Festival – Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, nestled amidst the stunning Swiss Alps, hosts the Zurich Chocolate Festival, an event that celebrates the country’s rich chocolate heritage. The festival features an impressive display of artisanal chocolates, and visitors can interact with master chocolatiers to learn about the chocolate-making process. With its breathtaking backdrop and delectable treats, the Zurich Chocolate Festival is an unforgettable experience for chocolate enthusiasts.

 15. Big Island Chocolate Festival – Kona, Hawaii

Big Island Chocolate Festival, set in the heart of Kona on the Big Island, celebrates the unique flavors of Hawaiian cacao. The festival brings together local farmers, chocolate makers, and chocolatiers, offering attendees the opportunity to savor the diverse range of Hawaiian chocolates. This chocolate-tasting event provides a comprehensive understanding of Hawaii’s chocolate industry.

Fees: Entrance is free, but there may be costs associated with specific events and activities.

 16. Choco Story  – Brugge, Belgium

While not a traditional festival, the Belgian Choco Story Brugge is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history and culture of Belgian chocolate. The village takes visitors on a fascinating journey through the world of chocolate, with interactive exhibits, live demonstrations, and a stunning chocolate sculpture collection.

 17. Lindt – Home of Chocolate – Kilchberg, Switzerland

“Lindt – Home of Chocolate” is a captivating destination in Kilchberg, Switzerland, offering a sensory exploration into the art and heritage of Swiss chocolate. This iconic Lindt chocolate factory and museum invite visitors to indulge in a mesmerizing journey, witnessing the chocolate-making process and enjoying interactive exhibits. The experience culminates in the world’s largest Lindt chocolate shop, where enthusiasts can savor an extensive array of delectable treats. Nestled in the picturesque Swiss landscape, Lindt – Home of Chocolate is a haven for chocolate lovers, providing a sweet blend of education, entertainment, and, of course, irresistible Swiss chocolate. Prepare for a sweet journey where Swiss chocolate dreams come true!

 18. Cologne Chocolate Museum – Cologne, Germany

Though not a traditional festival, the Cologne Chocolate Museum offers visitors an opportunity to dive into the history, production, and art of chocolate. The museum presents the journey of cocoa from bean to bar, with interactive exhibits, a chocolate fountain, and workshops for children and adults.

 19. Maison Cailler in Broc, Switzerland

Maison Cailler in Broc, Switzerland, is a chocolate lover’s paradise nestled in the stunning Swiss Alps. As the oldest chocolate brand in Switzerland, Cailler invites visitors on a delightful journey through the history of chocolate-making. The museum showcases the artistry of chocolate production, from bean to bar, with interactive exhibits and immersive displays. Engage your senses with the rich aromas and flavors, and don’t miss the hands-on chocolate-making experiences. The visit concludes with a tempting tasting session, where you can savor a variety of Cailler’s exquisite chocolates.

 20. Fiera del Cioccolato – Turin, Italy

Turin, the birthplace of Italy’s chocolate tradition, hosts the Fiera del Cioccolato, where attendees can revel in the delight of all things cocoa. This event features an array of chocolates, pralines, and hot cocoa drinks. Additionally, visitors can learn about the art of chocolate making through live demonstrations by skilled chocolatiers.

Fees: Entrance is free, but some workshops may have individual fees.


The world of chocolate festivals and events is a captivating one, filled with flavors, aromas, and experiences that leave lasting impressions. Whether you’re a chocolate enthusiast seeking new taste sensations or someone looking to learn about the intricate process behind this beloved treat, these top 20 chocolate festivals and events have something to offer everyone. From the bustling streets of Paris to the serene landscapes of Hawaii, each destination holds a unique and delectable celebration of cocoa that will leave you with memories as sweet as the chocolate itself. So, mark your calendars and prepare for a journey through the enchanting world of chocolate as you explore these delightful festivals in the pages ahead.

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